Coming Very Soon! Women Pastors

Posted by: Carol Schmidt

coming soon share screen shotWe’re on track to go live with the Women Pastors site next week and will continue to update it as we receive new stories and materials.  Please help spread the word to women who grew up in the LCMS and moved on to become ordained in other denominations.  We’d love to hear from you and to share your stories.

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One Response to “Coming Very Soon! Women Pastors”

  1. J.A. Frances Says:

    This is so ironic! Last week I had a discussion at my church regarding ordination of women. I said to a woman that it is Biblical, the pastor said no.

    I gave him the wonderful book, “Why Not Women?” which was written by a minister/missionary and a theologian–both male. The evidence is there, no excuse, except of course changing sexism and discrimination within the church.

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