Equal in Faith Fast

Posted by: Carol Schmidt

The Equal in Faith fast for gender justice will occur one week from today on Monday, August 26, 2013.  Please follow the link to the Equal in Faith Event page on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/events/548948465166297/ to register your support.  You do not need to be physically in Washington, DC on that day to be “going.”  The event is being sponsored by the Roman Catholic organization, Women’s Ordination Conference and the Mormon organization, Ordain Women.

If you are a member of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod or one of its congregations and are on Facebook, please state your LCMS identity within your post/message.  If you are not on Facebook and/or would rather not use your real name due to the unjust penalty that the LCMS may impose on you for doing so, please consider opening a new Facebook account and posting a supportive message while also identifying as a Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod member on the Equal in Faith Event Page.

Whatever level of support strikes a chord with you – openness to discussion about the ordination of women, the equality of women and men, or advocacy for the ordination of women – please leave a post/statement on the Equal in Faith Event Page and identify your denomination.

If you were at one time but are no longer LCMS and are so inclined, please post a message on the Equal in Faith page that indicates your support for women in churches that continue to view and treat women as subjugated to men.

Finally and perhaps most especially, if you are a woman who was once in the Missouri Synod and are now serving as pastor or teacher in another denomination that welcomes your gifts, and are so inclined, please register your support on the Equal in Faith page.

The support you’ve shown for Ordain Women Now over the past couple of years is greatly appreciated and we hope you’ll take this opportunity to join with women of other churches to engage together in our common struggle.  Encourage your friends, too, and help spread the message!  Equal in Faith: Women Fast for Gender Justice on August 26, 2013


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